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The Four Needs is the theory I developed to integrate multiple fields of study and simplify multiple theoretical perspectives.  If you haven't taken a bunch of liberal arts, social science, humanities, and psychology classes, you don't care about that. 

But I also studied a bunch of personal development concepts and gurus and found that there was a bunch of conflicting or irrelevant information. 


As I studied and questioned, I concluded that nobody was really getting down to the fundamental root of things in a way that could bring it all together.  It is any wonder we feel like we are running in circles and information brings more confusion than knowledge?


The Four Needs Theory is like a filter to reframe everything you know and tie it all together.  It's like you have been putting together a dozen different puzzles, wondering where the edge pieces are, but I am here to show you it is one big, beautiful picture--and I have the box with the reference picture.  You still have to put it together for yourself to make sense of your own life.

Having the big picture to help you put it together will clear the fog and confusion.  Maybe we can move from the Information Age to the Wisdom Age 

The Four Needs are the physiological and neurological networks that dive all human experience; internal and external. 

When we learn to recognize what we actually need we become more capable of satisfying those needs.   That is the point of the Four Needs Theory.

When you feel isolated and need love and human connection, no amount of thinking or believing will fill the void.  When you are hungry for physical sustenance, love will not fill your belly.  Learning to get yourself what you need, when you need it, is an hour by hour task. 

You must also learn how to recognize and satisfy other needs that may not nag at you as obviously as your gurgling stomach. 

When you satisfy the right needs at the right time, your satisfaction in all other areas will be more profound.  You will finally be able to acknowledge the wholeness of you.  This will fill the gaps, conflict, and confusion that impact you in your external relationships and internal well being.


I look forward to sharing my book with you.  Please like the Four Needs Facebook page and I will keep you posted on its release, and perhaps give you the opportunity to be an advance copy reader.

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