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"I'm every woman.  It's all in me."

I find a way to do stuff, baby,

With neuroplasticity.

I was raised in rural Nevada. I was in third grade when Ronald Reagan was elected.  Singing and performing were all that mattered to me.  That is about when I learned I could do a British accent (thank you Julie Andrews) and imitate Miss Piggy.  I also took ballet classes at this time.  Oops.  Briefer history.

My ability to be intelligent, creative, socially engaging, and produce physical results is the effect of having multiple neural connections within and across each of my four neural needs networks.  How do I know this?  I'm such a genius I figured it out myself.

As I studied a variety of subjects in compulsory schools and college classes, I always had a remarkable memory. Everything I learned stuck.  But I was never content with the answers or "facts" I was given.  Whatever class I was in, whatever activity I was doing, I always wanted to connect it to other things I was learning and doing.

But I had so much internal conflict because everywhere I went I found new things I loved, was interested in, and things I was good at, but there was a constant message that I had to "pick one."  And my interests were so diverse and unrelated that it has taken me decades to just accept that I DON'T HAVE TO PICK ONE.  I can be anything and everything.  Benjamin Franklin was a very useful role model for me.  Science, arts, politics, philosophy; he saw life in an unlimited way.  And he lived long enough to really develop and utilize his capacity to embrace the fullness of the human experience.



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