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Four Needs explains why people think, feel, believe, and do what they do. It is a biologically based psychological theory of human wholeness empowering people to clarify and satisfy driving needs.

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Physiological sustenance:Nutritive food, clean water and air.


Protection: clothing, shelter, and defense (skills, tools, and tactics.

Movement: activity and dimensional interaction with environment.

Procreation is needed to sustain the species.


Voluntary physical movement, digestion, sexual function, physical growth, development, and renewal

Man Drinking Water
Mother and Son

Needs: Perception and expression of internal sensory experience

To give and receive love and approval.

Belong and contribute to groups to cooperatively meet all needs.

Functions: Bonding, classifying/sorting, non-verbal perception, social modeling, mimicry.  Organization and integration of all other needs.

Needs: Find meaning through internal and external sensory experience.

Form and define concepts of self.

Hope, imagine, believe, create.

Functions: Form and respond to idealizations.

Planning, setting goals.


Symbolic communication, including art and written language.

Cliff Hiking
Girl Reading

Needs: Perceive, process, organized, and regulate, external sensory experience.

Make decisions and draw conclusions based on perceptions and experience

Learn and communicate perceptions.

Functions: Logic, memory, causality, verbal language, sensory processing, analysis


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